Thursday, February 23, 2012

new business ventures? :)

I am a full-time employee as mama and what is this "new business" all about? Well, I may have some ideas up my sleeve (or whispers into my ear) about a few things that I could end up doing for a little extra work...or fun! I love being creative and love people. Enter "new business": photography and sewing baby things (mainly car seat canopies).

Last week I took photos for Sarah and Beau, as they were expecting their first baby boy. Sarah was ready for the baby to be here was his due date after all. He wasn't budging. We took the photos and you can check them out here...Baby Oliver-Due Date Photo Shoot. We had so much fun walking around the neighborhood and taking photos in the nursery. The photos got a lot of positive feedback and compliments. Here are a few of my favorites...

The other business venture...sewing baby things :) Many people have been encouraging me to start-up my own etsy site or sell my handmade car seat canopies. I've been making them for baby shower gifts for friends, but haven't had the extra time (who has that anyways? :) to start-up a shop. If I'm going to do something I want to put my ALL in it :) That means, for now, as full-time mama, I want to make sure I'm putting my ALL in it :) and I think I have thus far. I know the etsy shop would require a LOT of time and energy to make it a success, etc. and that might take away from other responsibilities I already have. I've been sewing gifts thus far because it is handmade with heart (which I love!) and it's less expensive than products sold in the stores. More recently, I saw on The Baby Exchange facebook page, that they sell handmade baby items. I randomly decided to ask if they would sell my car seat canopies, thinking it's a long shot, and it looks like they might do it! :) We are currently discussing it. In the mean time I've already had two people (random strangers) ask me if I would make one for them. I also have some gifts on back order ;) sorry Erin...they are in the works...promise :)
Oliver's little car seat canopy

All that to say...I love my full-time job right now as Eleanor's mama and wife to my husby. I would also love the opportunity to bless others with photographs or baby items, on the side, for fun...but we'll just see how it goes or grows. I'll definitely keep you posted :) I'd love your feedback and prayers!

ps. a little preciousness to enjoy...

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