Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the monthly: nine months old!

oh baby bear,

Today you are 9 months old! You sure have changed in this last month! You scoot and move quite a bit (as evidenced in your monthly photo...ha).We have to keep a close eye on you as you make your way around the house...your favorite spot has been the wall heater...oh no! The bottom of the heater has a convenient little door that you've already successfully opened several times. I know it looks fun, but it's dangerous! We're working on teaching you so that you don't get hurt :) You also like the fireplace and if you're not on the rug, we know where to find you! You sneak behind the recliner chair and tap on the fireplace glass...probably just checking out your reflection ;) cute as a button!

You love to sleep in the corners of your crib, all curled up with your pink blanket. When we go to get you from a nap, you are never found in the same position that we put you down in. You also like to pull on those bumper pads, using them as a little pillow for your head or as a way to boost yourself up to see out of your crib. It's cute. I feel like we just put those up, and now it's time to take them down already!

Your hair has grown a lot this past month. You can (finally) wear bows! I have 2 bows and 1 birdie clip (thanks Joanna!) for your hair. I need to make some more for your cute little hair do ;) Some days you have a little mohawk and look more like your papa. Other days, right after a bath, we can see those little curls like mama. I hope you keep the curls!

A few of your favorite toys, besides the fireplace and heater, are the little purple phone, your little play table with music, the toy house, and any board books we read to you. The musical toys always get you dancing and talking. Papa thinks your first word was "dada" but I don't think you've actually said a real word just yet. You like to mouth vowels, like "Oh" and "Ah". Your little friend Oliver goes by the nickname "O", so it seems like you calling for him from time to time...super cute!

You laugh a lot! It's fun to tickle you and get a continue to bring us so much joy! You are such a happy baby and you sleep through the night (praise God!), most every night. The last couple nights though, you've woken up in a panic, crying and there has been no rhyme or reason to it. Perhaps another growth spurt? Teething? Haha...doubtful on the teething. There are no teeth in sight. :) Maybe by the tenth month?

love you lots baby bear!
your Mama bear

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  1. I remember how you hated those curls! Its funny how the things we are grateful for change. Your girl is gorgeous!