Saturday, April 7, 2012

the monthly: 10 months old!

dearest Eleanor,

You are ten months old! We took this photo, in your PJs, after we got back from Grandma and Grandpa Bockman's house. You had a long day! We got smart though, and this time we brought the pack-n-play so that you could take a nap during the visit.

You are eating three meals a day, with mama and papa. I am so thankful that you are open to trying lots of foods, and even mama's spicy turkey chili! We welcomed this transition to solid foods because it meant easier food prep (mostly) and more fun for your taste buds! You also take one or two naps a day, depending on your growth spurts or daily activities. You continue to bring so much JOY to us. We love love LOVE you!

You have been so active in your crib at night. It's always fun for your papa and I to put you down to sleep and find you (on the video monitor) in the complete opposite corner of the crib later that night. Other times you sleep solid like a rock. You generally get 12 hours of sleep a night...I don't have any complaints about that! We (mostly mama) like to be stealthy and plant kisses on you when you are sleeping, without waking you up. Most of the time you stay asleep ;)

Scooting is your main form of transportation these days. You still like to keep your right leg raised as your left leg does all the work in pushing and scooting you along. Dad thinks you will be a lefty, just like him :) You get up on your hands and knees and trick us into thinking you'll do a crawl, but you end up just scooting around instead. It seems to be fastest for you. You have definitely been a great help in cleaning our kitchen floors too ;) Who knew they could be so dirty so often?! You just scoot scoot and attract dust to your belly. Next time I'll attach a swiffer to your onesie so we can both be more efficient :)

You love your activity table with all the music, Spanish, and noise! We stand you next to it and you love to close and open the little's super cute, and sometimes obnoxious at the same time haha. We've been going to the park a few times during the week and you have actually started liking the swings. At first it wasn't really interesting for you. Your eyes would squint because of the sun, and when I pushed you back your face looked as if your stomach looked so scared! Now, you giggle! We've even done a "party swing" where you sit with another one of your little friends sitting with you, back to back.

You love to smile :) Almost all of the elderly people we come in contact with try to get your attention or make you smile or do a trick. I love to see their smiles as you look in their presh!

The months are flying by and you are growing so fast! I probably forgot some milestones from this last month (ah well)'re just so busy! We LOVE you so much!

love you lots,

ps. notice a few changes around here? :) lots of exciting things happening! I have a friend helping me with graphic design and we are working to get a logo for my little business (you rock Melissa!) I'll keep you posted and let you know when there is an official debut :)


  1. love this post! I had noticed the changes on the blog and think they look great! We have that annoying spanish/english play table too, lol! And the belly attracting floor dirt? So the same for us! Now Elizabeth crawls with her booty way up in the air, on her hands and feet, so less dirt - but still, I didn't know my floors were that bad!! We are enjoying solid foods also - as we speak she is chomping down spicy chicken and black beans. So great! The only bummer for us is that she has to eat dinner before Dad is home (boo) so I sit with her (often reading blogs - oops!) and then eat with Jamie later. Oh well! Eleanor is soooo beautiful and I love her pjs!! Where did you get them??

    1. you are so sweet Heather :) thanks for reading! We love her pjs too...they were handed down to us, but are from baby gap...super fun and cute! I wish they would last longer, she is growing out of them! Elizabeth is a darling...almost a year now, right?! wow! time is flyinggggg by!