Tuesday, February 7, 2012

the monthly: Eight months old!

Oh Eleanor(cita),

You are growing up so fast. People are always saying "oh kids, they grow up so fast," and I know this is true...but wow! You have changed so much since you were first in my arms 8 months ago. You are mobile! Yesterday you finally figured out how to get from a sitting position to your tummy. Now I'm in big trouble! Gone are the days of just letting you hangout on a blanket while I run to the bathroom or fix something in the kitchen. But that's okay! I'm excited for the adventures to come as you explore...everything! You like to use the kitchen chairs as your personal jungle gym and you love putting shoes (and everything else) in your mouth...even Mama's nose and chin. 

You love being around people! You smile and reel them in with that toothless grin of yours. You also do this cute head tilt back and forth from side to side (see photo above...haha). The tilt varies in speed and people just die laughing. You even like to rock your head to the beat whenever there is music on in the background. I'm not sure where you got that cute trick, but I'm pretty sure we've reinforced it by mimicking it every time we see you! 

You also love spending time with your great Grandpa and the elderly ladies of the Rolando Community Council. I love seeing the elderly people light up when they see you...it brings them so much joy to see a happy baby!

This month you will have 4 new baby friends...and your little "cousin" Oliver, should be arriving any day now! Uncle Beau-Beau (who you can thank for the nickname Eleanorcita) and Aunt Sarah have been loving on you in preparation for their little man, and now the time has finally come! Aunt Sarah showed you how to clap just the other day and you just started doing it! When you are proud of yourself or happy, you start to clap and it's the cutest thing ever!

We have been truly blessed with you, little one! God has been so gracious with us! Everyone always comments on how you are such a "chill" baby, always pretty content (unless you're hungry!), and friendly as ever! That is all by God's grace! We can't take any credit for that :)
There are probably so many things I am forgetting, but until next month...I look forward to seeing more of your personality and exploring the world with you!

love you,

ps. more photos from this month:
you and your buddy Ezra

 playing with Amos

bear buddies, Lily and Eleanor

tilt that head! you look like you're stretching

quality time with great Grandpa

all smiles with Auntie Ang

hanging with papa after church

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