Thursday, June 7, 2012

the yearly: one! year old

Dearest baby bear-Eleanorcita-Elegator-eNew-mamas,

Today is a BIG day! You are ONE! I remember your actual birth day, just like it was yesterday! Almost every detail is fresh in my mind. We were so excited (and a little nervous) to finally be heading to the birth center to meet YOU! You are such a blessing and a joyFULL little baby/girl...we had no idea what life would be like with a little one. We knew it might be tough, with lots of sleepless nights, but I don't think we could have ever imagined how blessed we would be.We've even witnessed you being a blessing to others...bringing joy and laughter in times of both happiness and sorrow. The elderly people (including your great grandparents) definitely lit up when they would see you and your big smile. During the funerals and memorials of both your great grandparents (this past April and May) you brought smiles and laughter to the family.
There were lots of momentous occasions this past month. None of which will be recorded sadly (mama forgot to charge the camera battery!)You've grown a bit this last month, and your hair is coming in curly!!! WOOHOO! I think (and hope!) that it will stay that way ;) but your papa thinks that is wishful thinking. Ah well ;) We shall see. 
We put the baby gates up last month. This month you are all over the place! The park is more of an attraction to you now. You love the slide and the swings. You start giggling uncontrollably when on the swings and at other random times...bringing such joy! You are always pulling yourself up onto things and standing. You're slowly getting interested in walking, mostly with the help of mama and dada or your trusty green dino.
You must be growing a lot...because you sleep A LOT and eat A LOT! You sleep 12-14 hours a night, with at least a 1-3 hour nap during the day :) And you eat all of the food that we serve you, plus "second breakfast" or "second dinner" aka half of whatever mama's having. :) That's okay though...we like to share! You love to smile (still with a toothless grin) and play games with people. You learned how to sign "all done" but sometimes you only do one hand and you use that as a "hello" wave also. Some of mama's friends think you're doing the beauty queen wave ;) You love love LOVE being around people and getting their attention...I don't know where you got that one from haha. You're learning to share the spotlight, but with other babies around you get a little fussy...oh no! haha...we'll  have to ease you into the idea of siblings, but it will be good for you ;)
We're pretty sure you also said your first word, other than mama or dada. The other night you were ready for dinner and you started getting fussy. You started saying "mama mom Megan". Twice. WHAT?! Megan? Bah! You will only call me mama or Mom ;) Maybe it was a fluke, but papa said he heard it too :)
We just love you to pieces! Our hearts have been expanded and stretched in so many ways with you in our lives :) In this past year God has shown us so much JOY through you. Your name means "God is light" or "light of God" and we've definitely seen that in this past year. We are learning how to be more like Christ and  how to be that light of God as we raise and nurture you. We pray and hope that you will grow up to be a godly little lady and one day, woman! (like the Proverbs 31 woman :)

Unfortunately, we can't keep up this routine of monthly photos any more though ;) you are too wiggly! I'll try to keep your photos and life stories updated so that you can look back on it later!

lots of love to you,
your mama (Megan) and dada (Ryan) ;)

ps.  I guess there were a few shots from this last month :) Some of them were taken by your auntie for her photography class ;)

"No one will notice if I eat this...will they?"

Mullen Family - May 2012

Great Uncle Paul and Eleanor looking at the rhinos

Eleanor and mama at the zoo on her birthday day

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