Monday, May 7, 2012

the monthly: 11 months old!

hey little elegator!

The day you turned 10 months old you finally found an interest in crawling. You started getting up on your hands and knees more, and rocking back and forth. You never actually crawled too much, scooting was faster for you. You also started pulling yourself up onto things. You've been hiding your strength this whole time ;) You pulled yourself up to a standing position in your crib and freaked me out! I saw you on the baby monitor, and during your "nap" you were happily standing, looking out in to your room. Now that you've found a new trick, you like to practice it every chance you get. Most nap times I can be sure to find you hanging on to the crib railing.

You still like to bounce your head back and forth, mainly with music. You've also started singing/humming from time to time, in the bath and when you're eating, and it's the cutest thing. We think you're going to be musically inclined...who knows ;) you didn't get it from your mama (or papa). You like to clap too!

By mid-month you were crawling around quite a bit, and even found the stairs! You scaled the stairs in no time at all, and without help of mama (although, I did stay right behind as the safety net ;). You managed to make it up the stairs twice in one day...what a great workout! We purchased our baby gates that same day. Now we'll teach you how to climb down safely and then we'll be good to go!

You love your sleep, little snoozer ;) Most nights you're out for 12-13 hours! and you have a nap or two during the day. So, you're still sleeping more hours than you're awake...but that's okay, you're a growing little lady!

It's the cutest thing to see you meet an older person and give them a proper handshake. You just smile and laugh. You also like to wave and sometimes mix that with your signing "all done"...when you're finished with a meal, we've been trying to teach you the sign for "all done". We're not sure if you actually know what it means, or if you just like to shake your hands and wave :)

You also really like your books (as seen in the photo). That book, The Grown Up Day, was one of your grandma's books when she was a little girl. You can't read yet, but you sure do like to sort through your books and occasionally give them a little love bite.

"Mama" and "Dada" or "Papa" come out of your mouth on a more regular basis now...but we're still not sure if you actually know what those words mean, or if you just like making noise! :) You are a little talker and you like to sing and hum too.

We are retiring the outfit that you are wearing in this photo. You got a good 5+ months out of it, but now it's a tad too small (Size 6 months). Your big cloth diaper booty makes these shorts a little small...ahh! :) But the outfit was just too cute to stop wearing. Please forgive me ;)

You are one month away from being one year old! And teeth. That's okay :) I like your gummy smile and curly locks of hair :) You're a keeper. Your birthday party plans are in the mind is full of ideas...but I just don't want to get too caught up in it (or stressed) :) We know that you will have a fun time (as long as you catch a snooze beforehand) ;) You are LOVED!

lots of love,

ps. here are some photos from this past month:
 Bath time in the kitchen sink at Great Grandpa Bockman's house
 Your 1st Easter
 Pool day with Ezra-you refused to get out!
At Piatti's in La Jolla, celebrating Mama's birthday (early)

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