Saturday, January 7, 2012

the monthly: (seven.months.old)

Oh sweet Babycakes,

This last month has gone by so fast! At the beginning of the month you were practicing sitting up on your own. You picked that up pretty quickly and moved (literally) right into army crawling. At first I called it crawling, but your Papa laughed and said, "that's not a crawl...a scoot, maybe." :) Needless to say, you are quite the mover, pulling yourself toward toys and making your way across the rug. You like my shoes, biting my chin, and playing with your toy phone. You are more alert and definitely more active. Leaving you in one place is a thing of the past. 

You can't tell in this photo, but today, you took a BIG tumble and rolled off mama and papa's bed. We laid you down like normal, and less than thirty seconds later, we heard a "THUD!". I was really scared! I found you on the ground, face down, arms and legs spread out. Major face plant, major fail! Sorry baby girl! You cried for about an hour and your nose was bleeding a little bit, but you were okay. You gave us a scare. We thought you might have broken your nose...but luckily you had just a little scrape, a small bruise, and a few tears. We prayed with you, held you tight in our arms, and then you fell asleep and napped for 2 1/2 hours. You smile every single time we say "Dear Jesus..." and start praying. That is the sweetest thing. We pray that you grow up and come to know and love Jesus just like we do!

We love you so much! We just had our first parenting class with our church and it gave us a lot to be thinking about and praying about! One thing that we were reminded in the class was that "There are no perfect parents. There are no perfect children. Just one perfect Father, and one perfect Son," (from the book Give them Grace). Phew! Just lots and lots of GRACE! I'm sure we'll all need reminding of this as you grow up and start to understand more and more :)

love love LOVE,

p.s. you still love to do that cute trick, sometimes when you're mad and other times when you are super excited! it's presh. muah!

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