Thursday, January 19, 2012

like mother, like daughter

I almost forgot about this gem! This set of photographs was given to my mom, in a cute frame for Christmas. The photo on the left is my mom and I (1 1/2 years old?) at the San Diego Zoo. On the right, Eleanor (6 1/2 months old) and I tried to recreate this same photo at the Zoo, on the skytram. She kept looking at papa, instead of me, and I kept looking down to get her attention. Ah, well! We tried! 

I really love that photo of my mom and I. My parents took us to the Wild Animal Park and the Zoo on a regular basis when we were kids. When I was younger I loved it! We would go during the winter and see the festival of lights and my mom would make sure we were dressed in snow clothes for riding sleds down the hill of fake snow (we live in San Diego...haha oh snow). As I grew up, I got bored (and lazy-too much walking!) and the zoo became one of my least favorite places (I can't even believe myself ugh haha).  Of course now, I LOVE the zoo and the Wild Animal Park (I refuse to call it Safari Park). Grandma Ransom gave us our passes last year and renewed them this year as a Christmas gift. I am looking forward to making many memories with our little family there!

Here are a few more shots from our Zoo day. Eleanor's been a few times now, and she is more and more interested (and awake) in the animals each time we go!
Family photo-My mom gave us a canvas print of this one :)
kisses, kisses!
There's that world famous PANDA in the background...being lazy, as usual.

Until next time...lots of love,


  1. We have wild animal/zoo passes too!! we should go together one time! :)
    ps- I've been meaning to comment your blog is too cute!

    1. yes! let's go! :) and thanks! I've been a little behind in blogging, but it's fun!

  2. loooooove the picture set of you and your mom and babies. sooo cool!!

    1. aww, thanks Heather! you are so sweet :)