Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the monthly: (six.months.old)

Hey little lady,

Today, you are six months old! This past month you really surprised us with your started eating 2-3 servings of solid food each day! Your nose looks a little orange some days...maybe from all those sweet potatoes you devour? You laugh quite a bit, and started a new trick that really entertains your friends.

Your friend, mister Owly, keeps you occupied while we change your diaper or clothes. You love him so much and always want to give him lots of kisses. You are growing up so fast!

We like to call you mamas, baby bear, elle, and Eleanor :) You usually respond to all of those...but, right now, it could just be our voices that turn your head. You are also quite the mover/ your crib that is. We watch you on the baby monitor, to check-in on you from time to time, and you are always moving around, never in the same position we left you. Sometimes we have to go in and move you around in the middle of the night so your face isn't hidden in the corner of the crib.

Your papa and I took you to the zoo yesterday, and it was the first time that you were actually awake and alert to enjoy the sights and sounds. You enjoyed the sounds of the birds flying overhead and even got to see the world-famous-san diego zoo-PANDA! Most of the time they are MIA. can check that off your list of things to see ;)

It's fun seeing you grow, little baby bear. We love you!

your mama and papa


  1. What a beautiful little girl. I know you are so excited and filled with wonder to watch her change month by month.

    (stopping by and following from (in)courage)

  2. What a great way to keep a journal and scrapbook of all your child's mildstones and memories. My girlfriend and I were just talking about this because she's been emailing out letters similar to this to her family since her one-year old was born. It's her way of keeping track. I hadn't even thought about this as a way to keep track. Pretty cool!